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Hello, Thank you for visiting my website.


I am a Social Worker in private practice. I have been offering therapy to individuals, couples and families for many years. I specialize in Attachment Focused Therapy and offer this approach to families with adopted children and individuals, couples and families struggling with personal relationships. Many problems in children and adults can be understood from an Attachment perspective. 

I also offer consultation and training to therapists and organizations. 

Please contact me if you wish to make a referral or to discuss the difficulties you are experiencing.  I understand that it is not easy to reach out to a therapist.  I will try and make your therapy experience a positive and helpful one. 

I have published my first book on Adult Attachment called It's Attachment: A New Way to Understand Yourself and Your Relationships.  It is published by Guernica Editions on their Miroland Section. It is available on Amazon, Caversham Books, Indigo and Guernica Editions.  It is a self-help book that will explain Attachment,  help you understand your Adult Attachment and offer guidelines on changing Insecure Adult Attachments.


My second book, Secure Parent, Secure Child, How a Parents Adult

Attachment Shapes the Attachment of the Child, is now available, released in April 2023.  It is also a self-help book for parents. By understanding their adult attachment and how this affects parenting, parents can change their parenting behaviors to ensure they raise secure children.  It is available on Amazon,  Guernica Editions and Caversham Books. 



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