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I offer Individual and Group Supervision in Adult Attachment for Clinicians interested in learning about conducting an Adult Attachment Assessment and  the application of adult  Attachment in Therapy. The frequency of supervision is based on the needs and preferences of the therapist. 

For therapists living and working outside of Toronto,  I offer supervision on Facetime, or Zoom. 

I will continue to offer my supervisions/consultations on line using Zoom or Facetime and in person at my office.    


Supervision Groups on Adult Attachment 

  • I will be offering another  supervision group from Feb. -June 2024.  

This supervision group will run for 10 weeks on Zoom. Prerequisite is knowledge and training in Adult Attachment either from Annette or another trainer.  

Please contact Annette Kussin for cost and eligibility at


I offer consultation to Children and Adult Mental Health Organizations and Child Welfare Agencies in Attachment and Trauma in Children and Adults. 

For more information, contact me at  

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