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I am a Certified Social Worker and Certified Marriage and Family Therapist.  I have worked in Children's Mental Health for much of my career as a therapist and Clinical Director. In the many years of practicing therapy, I have offered individual, couple and family therapy specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy, Trauma and Attachment.


 In 2003 I created a multi-discipline Therapy Centre, called Leaside Therapy Centre.  I offered my therapy services at the Centre and developed a community of therapists. I sold the Centre in 2014 but continued my private practice there for a short time.  I now conduct my practice from my home office at 114 Mona Drive. 

For the past 20 years I have specialized in Trauma and Attachment Theory offering assessments and therapy to families with adopted children and families struggling with their children.  I have developed a model of Attachment Focused Therapy for adults struggling with intimacy and for couples with relationship problems. I believe this model of therapy is very effective in helping people to feel good about themselves, to accept their limitations and to improve their emotional capacity to develop mutually satisfying relationships. I also offer therapy for adolescents and their families with problems, from an Attachment perspective.  


I believe it is important to understand your early childhood experiences and how these have impacted on your personality, on your relationships  and on your parenting in order to change your present challenges. 


I offer supervision to individual therapists, consultation to agencies and training for organizations, including Child Welfare, Mental Health agencies and Universities. 


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