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The launch of my second book,  Secure Parent, Secure Child: How Parent's Adult Attachment Shapes the Attachment of the Child took place on:
  • Sunday April 2 on Augusta Street.  This was sponsored by Guernica Editions,  the publisher of my book.   A number of writers of the books published by Guernica for their spring launch presented their books.  I was privileged to join a number of excellent writers to introduce my book. 
  • Wednesday, April 19 at Caversham Books.  I want to thank Joe Adelaars for his generosity in offering his lovely bookstore for my launch.  I want to thank all my friends, relatives and colleagues for their support in attending the launch and buying my books.
    My first book, It's Attachment: A New Way of Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships  and the second are available at Guernica Editions and Caversham Booksellers, other bookstores  and on Amazon, in book form, e-books and audio books.  They are also available at the Toronto Public Library.  
My interview with Dr. Laura Froyen on Secure Parenting and how it shapes child attachment is now available on Dr. Froyens podcast. 
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